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News 1

OPPI has appointed Maryland Distributors, Inc. as the new distributor for its Nutraceutical Business, particularly Pocari Sweat.
January 20, 2008
The contract signing was held at the OPPI Boardroom last January 15, 2009. This new partnership will create synergy between OPPI and MDI in providing both the consumers and its suppliers/vendors efficient and effective customer service, and will thus improve brand awareness, availability & sales performance. Selengkapnya

News 2

Cool Runnings…
Weatherwise, the 1st quarter of the year is often the most ideal time for marathons. With this, Pocari Sweat was more than happy to have shared with the Filipino running community its passion for running.

All through these months, there was definitely an energetic vibe at all the starting lines of the races that Pocari Sweat participated in. Never mind if all the runners got up really early to join the run, they were all itching to start the race. Runners were talking about the route, and how they wanted to have fun and finish the race. At the gun shot, they were out running and striding on their respective tracks – all pushing their way to the finish line. And since good races deserved a good finish – bottles of Pocari Sweat were distributed at each of the races’ finish line. From full marathons to short distance fun runs, Pocari fueled the runners with a good balance of water and ions- effectively replacing the electrolytes they have lost while running. Selengkapnya